Kids dental care

It gives me particular pleasure to work with young patients.
The first meet with the child’s dentist is very important. So usually we do not do any manipulations . The goal is a child to get to know situation, to see if he wishes to touch the dentist drill.We show his teeth with small intraoral camera, teach him how to wash his teeth. Striving for healthy teeth must be taught from an early age.
It is important to create his positive attitude towards the dentist. Having completed treatment the child receives a small gift.
It is extremely wrong to claim that calf”s teeth are not treated. Left untreated, they can damage the germ of the permanent teeth.
It is very important the period of the tooth change . This is the right moment to put a dental –sealant – it is type of photopolymer that releases fluoride and protects teeth from decay.
The procedure is not associated with the drilling of the tooth, and is completely harmless.
Unfortunately, parents often do not notice the emergence of the first permanent molars and miss the moment to put a sealant.Therefore the preventive examinations are very important.