Unfortunately there are many cases in which there are not enough teeth left to make a bridge.

In these cases we use different types of removable dentures:

– Complete or partial acrylic dentures;
– Flexible dentures;
– Modeled dentures.

Advantage of dentures is the low cost, the ability to clean and maintain good hygiene. It can achieve a very good aesthetics, since there are a variety of color, shape and size of the teeth, which are used so that they can stay as a natural face.
For allergic patients hypoallergenic plastic are used.

Flexible dentures – these are dentures well stand by patients because they does not have metal hooks that spoil the aesthetics.
Modeled dentures – their main part is made of very thin metal that fits perfectly to the tissues. This free the palate and tongue , which does not impede speech, taste sensations and other inconveniences that create regular dentures. They are attached to the other teeth in the mouth, most often through the joints, which remained invisible.