Dental Laser Treatment

Our dental office is equipped with the latest model of diode laser of the American company Biolase.

The diode lasers are specially created to perform soft tissue manipulations, which are atraumatic and low-invasive. This makes them much more efficient in comparison to the traditional scalpel-using methods.


Usage of lasers in dentistry provides painless treatment of a broad spectrum of dental diseases. There are numerous benefits of the lase usage:


– The use of anesthetic is reduced

– Bloodless manipulations

– Reduced postoperative pain

– The need of sutures is eliminated

– Provides high-degree sterility of the tissue

– Biostimulation – stimulates the regenerative process


·  Laser treatment of parodonthitis and gingivitis

The diode laser enables painless curettage of periodontal pockets- removes the damaged gum tissue and provides sterility. It also has powerful biostimulating function – accelerates the healing processes of the tissues.


· Gingivoplasty (gum modeling)

When the gums are swollen and cover part of the teeth, the aesthetics is affected. The laser provides modeling of the gums leading to a natural look. And the scalpel use is not necessary.


· Root canal treatment

The laser aids the sterilization of the root canal even in difficult cases.



Straighten  eruption of wisdom teeth

Often the eruption of the wisdom teeth is accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissue. Here the laser can help through its inflammatory function and on the other hand it enables   the painless removal of the excessive soft tissue that covers the wisdom teeth and hampers its eruption.


· Removal of frenulum

Often the frenulum (especially of kids) of the upper lip or the tongue is short or low-attached. For some kids this can hamper the speech. In such cases the frenulum must be cut. The laser makes this manipulation fast, painless and bloodless. This is a huge advantage compared to the traditional method.


· Laser tooth whitening

Laser teeth bleaching is the fastest way to whiten teeth.Laser accelerate the whitening process and offers instant results.The side effects are less intense than other methods


· Болкоуспокояваща функция

При болки след вадене на зъб, болки в долночелюстните стави, след кореново лечение лазерът има бърз болкоуспокояващ ефект