It is very important for us the patient to feel safe concerning not only our professional skills but also In terms of pay .

Our dental prices are based on the quality of the materials and expertise in performing the treatment. They can vary in wide ranges depending on manipulation needed and materials used. Therefore we have practice to prepare a several options in advance of a treatment plan and a price estimation which combines the need for treatment with financial situation of the patient.

Our dental practice has a contract with NHIF( National Health Insurance Fund) .Our dental services are available for all patients with health insurance. They have to bring their health insurance documents.


-photopolymerised filling-65-90 lv;
-ceramic veneers-560 lv;
-all ceramic crown-560 lv;
-porcelain-fussed to metal crown-from 220 lv;
-home  teeth whitening-250 lv;
-laser teeth whitening-450 lv.